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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Sen. Corker on late Senate votes  CSPAN  March 23, 2018 1:48pm-1:54pm EDT

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senate passed it shortly after a third helped avert shutdown. the president expressed some frustration about the bill and threatened in his final comments to veto the measure through a tweet this morning but said during the event we just saw it is a matter of national security , i have signed this bill. show you more later on. ,here he shortly after midnight $1.3 trillion measure. senator bob corker asked senator mcconnell about the late-night sessions and voting. here is a look.
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overe house and the bill today. it is 11:56. i know that every senator here has the right to object. just -- we are not going to close. i called down earlier and ask the secretary if we are not going to vote by 10:00 if we could vote at 8:00 in the morning. this is ridiculous. this is a juvenile process we go through every time. i would respectfully ask our leader who has been dealing with , and the secretary that has the job that she has, could you explain to us what has 11 hoursover the last that keeps us here voting on a
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tol we all know is going regardless on how we vote on it. could you explain quickly what is happening? could we possibly try to resolve these things at a decent hour? say to my good friend , i was that he is leaving the senate given the fact he has enjoyed it so much today. >> this has been an unusual day, i will say. >> my good friend from tennessee does -- my principal responsibility was begging, pleading and cajoling. i have been at continuous discussions with several members who were legitimately unhappy
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, and one aspect or another thinkingot of time about whether they wanted to expedite the process. i am relieved rather than depressed we might be able to finish tonight. could, i would like for us to have some degree of discussion. either finish our business added normal time or come back the next morning. this is a ridiculous process where people extort us until we get so tired we are willing to do whatever it is they wish for us to do. debate atve to have a
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some point. i can hold this vote up on a legitimate issue and say we are not going to vote until you agree we will have a debate. to my knowledge i have never held a vote up. maybe 10 years ago and i can't remember. certaintyo have a around here. object.going to whether into discuss the future if we cannot finish our business at a reasonable hour let's come back the next morning and start. with that, i do not object. >> senator corker early this passed theo just $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill. president trump at the white house a short while ago saying
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he signed that spending measure. >> there are a lot of things i am unhappy about in this bill. there are a lot of things that we should not have had in this bill but we were in a sense forced, if we want to build our military we were forced to have. congress, i will never sign another bill like this again. nobody read it. .t is only hours old some people don't even know what is in it. it is the second-largest ever. president obama signed one that was actually larger which i'm sure he was not happy with either. it became so big because we need to take care of our military, and the democrats who do not
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believe in that added things they wanted to get their votes. >> all of that event now available online. live coverage coming up that a discussion, a briefing from the national prevention science coalition on school safety and gun violence. we will have that live on c-span. joining us from new york this morning as melissa bryant. she is the chief policy officer for the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. let's begin with your group. who do you represent? we are the premier veterans retirement organization representing the coast 9/11 organization -- generation. men and woman like myself who served in the iraq war.